Top 4 Tips for Long-Term Use of a Self-Storage Unit

How long can you keep your items in a self-storage unit? As long as you would want or need to, since storage facilities don't impose a maximum rental term. If you are considering using a self-storage unit for long-term storage, here are some helpful tips to prevent moisture-related damage and keep your stored items in top shape.

Dry All Items

Ensure that every item is completely dry before putting it in storage. You will likely want to give your items a thorough cleaning first. This is great as it will prevent staining and keep away pests. You should, however, be careful to dry each item, as any moisture remaining on the items may cause moisture-related damage and encourage mould growth.

Stay Away From Plastic Bags

It's not uncommon to throw some miscellaneous items in plastic bags and then putting the bags in storage. These bags are never a good idea because plastic traps moisture. If your items will be in the self-storage unit for a long time, it's only expected that the moisture will accumulate over time.

This unwanted moisture can cause damage to the items you have in the bag. Alternatively, the moisture will provide the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow, which will, in turn, damage your stored items. Vacuum-sealed bags are a better alternative.

Keep Items Off the Floor

Moisture can seep through the doors in your self-storage unit and damage your items. You can reduce the risk of this damage by ensuring that your items, boxed and unboxed, have no direct contact with the floor.

How? Get pallet boards and place the items on these boards. You can also invest in a canvas tarp and spread it all over the floor of your unit. Both options provide a perfect barrier between any moisture on the floor and your stored items.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit

There are many advantages to choosing a climate-controlled self-storage unit, and especially if you will be keeping the items in storage for a long time. Changes in temperature may affect your stored items or affect the humidity levels, which may have the same effect. This is especially true for electronics, appliances, wooden furniture and other climate-sensitive items.

With a climate-controlled unit, you don't have to worry about these fluctuations. While units with this feature will certainly cost you a little more, it is definitely worth the investment.

Keep your items in a self-storage unit for however long you want without having to worry about damage by moisture with the outlined tips. Each tip is effective and worth implementing.

To learn more, contact a self-storage facility.