What you’ll need to get the most out of self storage

Whether you're housing your belongings during a move, storing business inventory or just looking for a place to keep your extra things, self storage can be a convenient way to get the space you need. To really get the most out of your storage unit, though, you'll want to make a few preparations. Having the right equipment can make your self storage experience easier and more efficient. 

Markers, tape and labels

If you're going to be taking items out of storage and putting them back in boxes, it can be easy to lose track of what is where. Keep a permanent marker or pen in your storage unit together with a roll of packing tape; stick-on labels can also be useful. Mark your boxes clearly, and update labels if items move from one box to another. Clear labelling will save you a lot of time searching for the item you need. If you're only taking something out for a single use, be sure to reseal the box with packing tape when you're done. 


Getting the most out of your self storage space means piling as high as you can. However, that isn't always easy when you're dealing with cardboard boxes: if you stack them too high, they may topple. You also want to make sure that you allow air to flow around your boxes. Shelving is a good way to solve this problem. You can either put garage or workshop style shelving in your storage unit or use bookcases or similar shelving units. Be sure to bring screwdrivers and other tools if you're going to be putting shelves together in your storage locker. 

Something to stand on 

Stacking boxes to the ceiling also means that you may occasionally be called on to retrieve something from atop a stack. Don't take the risk of reaching up over your head; instead, keep a stepstool or short stepladder in your storage unit so that you can get access to high stacks or upper shelves quickly. 


Awkward items like garden tools, sports equipment and even musical instruments can be difficult to store; they don't fit neatly in boxes and they take up a lot of space on shelves or on the floor. A tall plastic rubbish bin is an ideal way to store these kinds of items. They may look a little out of place, but they're resilient, affordable, and great for keeping floor space clear and tall objects neatly stored.