Slimline Tank Designs for The Home

It's no secret that sustainability continues to be a top concern for many Australian homes. Slimline tanks make it possible for people to collect rainwater for use during shortages, without taking up too much space in the home.

Indeed, slimline tanks come in many different designs that you can choose from. There are ultra slim designs that can fit in tight and tall spaces, and lowly-built designs that can easily slip underneath garages and verandas. Explore some popular slimline tank designs for the home.

Aquaslim tanks

Aquaslim tanks are one of the slimmest designs in the market. These tanks are shaped to be thin and long so they can fit in tight areas right next to the home's exterior. With their thin design, they can be fixated right next to outside walls, next to the garage door, or even bordering the front/backyard.

Because they are so thin, they take up minimal outward space. Their height also allows them to store more water for use and to blend well with the outside surfaces of the home.

Aqualong tanks

The aqualong design consists of tanks that are both thin and long (horizontally). Rather than being tall, their shorter height is compensated by a longer body design. They are great for smaller, single-storey homes and other similar structures.

The long design also makes it possible for you to install multiple inlet pipes that lead into the tank and collect more rainwater.

Square slimline tanks

Slimline tanks also come in a square shaped design that is unique and appealing. This shape allows you to stack several of these side by side. Factories and other businesses love square slimline tanks because they can use each tank for a different area of the business.

Round slimline tanks

Who said that a slimline tank couldn't have a circular design? Round slimline tanks are gaining popularity in homes and hotels due to their beautiful appearance. These tanks have a circular shape but are still slim and tall to allow for maximum water storage. They come in many different colors as well.

Squat slimline tanks

If you're facing space constraints within the home, you may want to consider squat slimline tanks. These tanks are designed to fit underneath various areas of the home such as verandas, garages, and balconies.

They are shaped to be long but low in height so they can easily fit in tight spaces. Thanks to slimline tanks, homeowners don't have to compromise on water sustainability due to space limitations.