3 Important Features to Look for Prior to Renting a Storage Unit

If you're looking for extra storage space and considering renting a self storage unit, there are a number of things to look at. Often proximity and pricing are the first things in mind when doing the research. Finding a storage unit that's close to your business or home is good for easy access. However, there are various additional features that you ought to enquire from the storage provider before renting the facility.

1. Storage Unit Security

Ensuring the safety of your belongings is key; hence security should be your priority. A tour of the facilities shall give you a chance to analyse their various security features; some of which include:

•    Lighting - ample lighting within the unit and throughout the compound

•    Door alarms –  each storage unit should have an individual door alarm

•    Video surveillance – there should be cameras all around and a 24-hours surveillance room to monitor them.

•    Locks – majority of the providers have high-security steel door locks that you can buy. 

•    Gate accessibility – tenants should be given a pass code at the gate entrance. Discuss more on the facility's gate entry system. Work with a storage unit facility that will offer assistance on after-hour access.

2. Specific Details on the Storage Unit

Depending on what you're storing, it is important to know specific details of the storage units available. This will help you make your decisions according to what best suits your needs. For example; there are various types of storage unit (e.g. climate-controlled storage units, indoor/outdoor storage units, motorcycle or vehicle storage unit) and your choice is dependent on what you are keeping. These specific details include and not limited to:

•    Size – size will vary from a small storage locker to storage units big enough to accommodate an entire apartment's belongings. The bigger the unit, the more expensive it is.

•    Type – a climate-controlled storage unit would be ideal for long-term storage or storing delicate items like appliances, electronics, clothing, documents, etc. They prevent any form of deterioration on your belongings.

•    Insurance – to protect your valuables, most facility providers have a temporary storage insurance cover. If not, you could liaise with your home insurance program to cover items stored in your storage units.

3. Cleanliness Standards

It is important to confirm with the facility provider on the cleaning arrangements and daily maintenance before renting. Take a tour there to visually confirm more before signing the lease.