Why Commercial Self-Storage Is the Perfect Solution for Businesses with Additional Storage Needs

Contrary to what many people think, self-storage isn't just about renting space for storing personal items. This storage solution can also be used for commercial purposes. Self-storage is ideal for businesses that are renovating and need somewhere to store their belongings temporarily, de-cluttering their work space to provide more space for people to work, looking for a safe place to store additional retail inventory (goods awaiting sale) and more. 

Commercial self-storage is one of the best storage solutions available to businesses because of the many essential benefits that it has to offer. Continue reading on below to acquaint yourself with a few of those benefits.

It provides a quick solution for businesses with temporary storage needs.

One of the notable benefits of self-storage is that it offers an immediate solution to businesses that need extra storage space. Take an example of retail businesses: inventory can accumulate rapidly due to plummeting sales, leading to increased demand for storage space. Self-storage offers retailers a safe and secure place to store any additional items. This way, the extra inventory can be conveniently collected from storage when necessary. Thanks to self-storage, businesses can save on time and resources that could have been spent creating more space.

It can allow for 24/7 access to your belongings.

If you're one of those business owners or managers who can't tell exactly when you will need to retrieve some items from the storage area, a self-storage facility that offers its clients round-the-clock access to their units would be the perfect answer to your storage problems. Because self-storage facilities that offer 24/7 access normally experience high traffic, it is important for you to assess the level of security at your preferred facility. Look for a self-storage facility that has security features such as manned security, a security fence, CCTV surveillance, etc.

It is generally cheaper than renting commercial space.

Renting extra commercial space to meet your storage needs generally costs more compared to renting a self-storage container. This is because commercial premises are typically located in areas that experience light to heavy commercial activity, while self-storage facilities can be located in suburban areas where the demand for commercial space is relatively lower. 

With the above-discussed benefits in mind, you can make a better-informed decision as to whether or not you should rent a self-storage unit to meet your demand for extra storage space. Contact a commercial self-storage specialist for more information in this regard.