Why It Is Best To Keep Your Valuables In Self-Storage

Many Australians have a collection of valuables that they don't often use every day, from watches to antique books and everything in between. Keeping so many expensive items in the same place can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you aren't getting regular use out of them. But bank vaults can cost a lot and not give you a lot of room. Luckily, self-storage is a great option for most of your valuables and so much more. Here are a few reasons why self-storage is a great option for storing your valuables. 

24/7 Monitoring

Knowing that someone is always at your self-storage location, monitoring for intruders and keeping an eye on your unit, makes it much easier to leave your most valued possesions off-site. Every self-storage company has complete CCTV coverage of their grounds to ensure that no one ever gets in who shouldn't. If there is a security breach, the cops are never far away, and often, self-storage companies have their own security as well. Getting the same level of security at your home would cost thousands every year, which would be less than the cost of a self-storage unit on its own.

Multiple Layers Of Protection

Not only do self-storage places have constant monitoring, but they also have several lines of defence against intruders. The initial gate provides a helpful barrier that will deter most would-be criminals. After that, many self-storage places have doors that are only unlocked by specific PIN numbers given out to customers. Then you will have your own unit's metal door that is resistant to brute force attempts to open it. Here, you can put your own lock on, which gives you the ability to choose a high-end lock that will not give in to cutting, picking or smashing. The odds of a successful heist of your items is far less at a self-storage location than it is in your own home, which may only have one lock on the front door. 

Interior Protection

Even after all of the external security protocols are put in place, you can still implement your own tricks and methods to fool any burglar who might be lucky enough to get in. Hiding your valuables, keeping them in an extremely heavy safe or adding your own surveillance cameras can all help stop or at least slow down a robbery. You will also not be in the vicinity of your valuables, which means you won't be able to be coerced into giving up their location or the key of the safe. The best part of it all is that you now have so much more room at home, and you can store other, miscellaneous knick-knacks in the storage unit and get even more bang for your buck.  

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